As you know if you saw my new review, I’m super-excited about this weekend’s release of Pixar’s Inside Out — and looking forward to discussing it tonight on hour 1 of “Catholic Answers Live” at 6:00 PM Eastern (listen live).

Of course we’ll be talking about lots of other things too, including Jurassic World and themes linking Pixar’s Wall-E with Pope Francis’ new eco-encyclical Laudatum Si’.

You can also watch David and me review Inside Out and Love and Mercy on “Reel Faith” tonight at 8:00 PM (when and where to catch “Reel Faith”), followed by an encore of last week’s episode, when we reviewed Jurassic World, San Andreas and Spy.

And you can also see my 60-second reviews for those last three below, along with an extended take on Inside Out.


Inside Out (SDG)

Pixar greatness is back! (Full review)

Jurassic World (SDG)

Chris Pratt and dinosaurs. That’s enough, right? (Full review)

Jurassic World (DD)

Want a second opinion? Here’s David’s take.

Spy (SDG)

Warning: Melissa McCarthy’s latest film with director Paul Feig is as crude as over-the-top as their earlier collaborations (Bridesmaids, The Heat). But it’s a lot funnier.

San Andreas (SDG)

The Rock versus massive earthquake event. Seems fair.