Bishop Robert Barron of Word on Fire recently sat down with Dave Rubin’s “The Rubin Report” and discussed several topics central to the cultural divide in America. That includes abortion, gay marriage, porn, and The Simpsons. Yeah, the long-running cartoon.

If you didn’t know, Dave Rubin is a man of many hats — political commentator, comedian, talk show host, and television personality. He does all of this as an openly gay man who is also “married”. As mentioned, his recent interview with Bishop Barron conversed on a range of sexual and religious topics, and it might surprise us to see our bishop taking time to dialogue with someone so associated with the progression of cultural ideologies contrary to the Catholic Faith. The two are of course opposed on these topics, and I found it highly refreshing to see our bishop in the interview. I, like you, am used to see his well-rehearsed series, “Catholicism” and “The Pivotal Players”, and of course his candid YouTube videos, but it was flat-out impressive to see how he chose to answer some really difficult questions on the spot with humor, assertiveness, and temperance.

Some secular bloggers have used the video to make claims that he supports the 2015 decision for “same-sex marriage”, that he says in the video that he would not reverse the ruling. Well, that’s not the way I heard it. But I digress; watch for yourself. There’s numerous other hot topics they discuss, and frankly, you must see this interview. Bishop Barron discusses his faith in ways you might not have heard, TV shows you wouldn’t guess he watched, and makes some extremely compelling apologetic arguments for Catholic dogmas (including the existence of God) and Catholic social teaching.

There’s two videos and they will both suck you in. Special thanks for David Rubin for making this interview available and to Bishop Robert Barron for setting a superb example for religious dialogue in the spirit of evangelism and the Kerygma


Part 1


Part 2