Of all the possible places to sing Christmas carols, would you ever think of an abortion clinic? It could just be the best new pro-life effort.

“After all of the bitter cultural and political battles of the past year, many are calling for peace and reconciliation in our society,” says Eric Scheidler, executive director of the Pro-Life Action League. “But we will never truly have peace as long as unborn children are not even safe in their mother’s wombs.”

That’s why pro-life advocates are planning to gather outside abortion facilities across America on December 17 to sing Christmas carols. This year marks the 13th year for the Pro-Life Action League’s nationwide “Peace in the Womb” Caroling Day. The hope is to bring the Christmas message of peace and joy to the darkness of abortion clinics. 

Peace in the Womb caroling events are scheduled for 60 cities in 28 states, with multiple events and locations in metro areas like Chicago, Lansing, Philadelphia, San Bernardino and Washington, DC. 

“We gather to sing carols, reminding abortion-bound mothers that the salvation of the world came through an unplanned pregnancy. It’s particularly sad to think of someone getting an abortion during the Christmas season. We want to offer hope, help and alternatives to assist women in choosing life for their children,” Scheidler added.

It could be that young women and men entering abortion clinics have only heard the Christmas songs in church. It could be that the peaceful hymns about God, Bethlehem, a drummer boy, three kings, Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus get abortion-minded folks to stop and think.

“Christmas is a time of reconciliation. Jesus was born to reconcile the world to Himself, and it is our hope that every mother will be reconciled to her unborn child, no matter how difficult the circumstances. And we’ll be there to offer whatever help we can.”

Scheidler recalls one particularly beautiful incident that happened in Chicago. “We were singing ‘Silent Night’ outside an abortion clinic when a young woman came out, approached one of our carolers, and said that our singing made her think about Mary and Baby Jesus and she just couldn’t go through with her abortion.” He marks that as a Christmas miracle and more than enough reason to continue this seasonal outreach.

You can check for a Christmas caroling event at your area abortion clinic, or find out how to coordinate one, by visiting: https://prolifeaction.org/event/caroling2016/.