Fall may be my favorite season. There’s the crisp air, ready-to-pick apples, leaves in a glorious array of colors ... and Thanksgiving!

God is good to give us this season — and a special day for thanking him for our blessings and sharing good food and fellowship with family and friends.

Last Sunday at Mass, the pastor asked children what they were thankful for. Cute and very insightful responses followed: My dog. My parents. My life.

I no longer have a dog, but a wonderful golden retriever was part of my family when I was a child. I do thank God for my parents (and grandparents, sister and extended family, as well as friends). I also thank him for the gift of life — and for those who stand up for the sanctity of life: Pope Benedict XVI, this newspaper and our sister publication, Faith & Family magazine, bold bishops and courageous cardinals, parish priests who speak clearly in charity, young people who are committed to their vocations, pro-life politicians etc. — and for my Catholic faith and the Church.

There are so many lesser things to be thankful for too, but those are my primary thanksgivings.

Thankfulness should be an all-year habit, but tomorrow is a good reminder. I love how it is a religious holiday that everyone in our country celebrates. God bless America!

What are you thankful for this year?