I admit it: I like snail mail.

Plenty of people have been musing on its pros and cons in light of the recent news that the U.S. Postal Service will be closing a couple thousand of its post offices. I am a fan.

I love cute stationery (preferably with daisies), thank-you notes and sending Christmas cards.

There’s something about mailing something that brings a smile to my face because I know receiving it will bring a smile to someone else’s. The surprise of a card (or gift or even a magazine) in the mail is one of life’s simple blessings. That birthday greeting means more when it’s via mail, in my opinion.

Staying in touch with people can be a challenge nowadays. (Most Register employees work remotely.)

Family and friends of mine are scattered across the country, pursuing careers and raising families, here and there and everywhere. It’s rare that we can see one another in person — but what a blessing it is when that happens. Our reunions are always fun.

Sure, we can use technology to stay connected. There’s e-mail, social networking, cell phones, etc. All of that makes communication convenient.

But nothing is better than in-person meetings: Seeing the joy on newlyweds’ faces, witnessing the love on the face of a new mother or hearing the highlights of someone’s new job can’t be conveyed sufficiently online. That’s how we all felt when we visited EWTN recently. We met our new colleagues and gathered for fellowship and a wonderful retreat. It was a blessing-filled week.

Even matchmaking, which has gone to cyberspace, can only start online. At some point, it must transition to phone calls and person-to-person dates.

Our faith is the same.

We need Mass to connect physically with Our Lord in the Eucharist and gather in community.

And adoration is truly a date with Jesus. I love adoration. The quiet of the chapel, when I gaze at and have a heart-to-heart with Christ, is a precious prayer oasis for me.

He’s there in tabernacles all over the world waiting for us. He’s waiting to hear all our prayers. Better yet, he’s available 24/7. Why wait?

Good things to consider during the season of Lent.