Pop culture revolves around an ever-changing mix of headlines. I am happy to see that many deal with Christianity lately.

“Tebowing” is part of the American lexicon now due to Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow’s Christian faith on and off the field.

I think it’s great how Tebow is glorifying God in all things, standing up for faith, life and purity.

So does another quarterback: Philip Rivers, who just happens to be Catholic (yay!).

The San Diego Chargers quarterback lives his Catholic faith well. (Our article has links to his Catholic Answers’ videos and appearance on Life on the Rock.)

Then there’s actor Mark Wahlberg’s commitment to his faith of late (he carries a prayer book with him and is learning the new words at Mass; he even looked up what “consubstantial” means). Nice to hear “consubstantial” mentioned on TV!

And it seems everyone knows about the pro-Jesus, anti-religion video. My fellow NCRegister.com blogger Matt Warner has featured one response. And here is Father Barron’s take.

Given all the other topics out there, it’s great to see this dialogue. I like commenting on faith and literature and faith and life in general. I have written about Jane Austen on this blog before, not to mention the saints and other Christian-life matters. For more on Austen, my favorite song and why coffee is so good, see here, too.

I love how these recent stories get all of us talking. My young-adult friends and I certainly have.

Many question public statements and expressions of faith from the pop-culture world, but we need this.

Morality matters!

The Pope just said that. So did Cardinal-designate Timothy Dolan of New York in his to-the-point homily on chastity. Love the way in which he shares the truth!

We and our fellow Catholics and other Christians need to proclaim the Gospel visibly. Crossing ourselves before meals at restaurants, explaining theological points to relatives, co-workers and friends, etc. — even “tebowing” (we Catholics do that already before the Blessed Sacrament: We call it genuflecting). 

More of this — and other expressions of faith — is exactly what this world needs.

Yes, I have a unique perspective because I have always been a faithful Catholic and was blessed to go to a university with an excellent Newman Center. And I am a Catholic journalist (thanks for the prayers, St. Francis de Sales!).

But young people need to set an example. They certainly do at the March for Life. Read my friend Rachel’s account of the 2012 events as well.

The Pope has called for a Year of Faith later this year. Let’s join in boldly. We can start now (it is the Church’s Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, after all).

Perhaps the best witness of all is to, as St. Francis de Sales, put it: “Live joyfully!”