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According to a Saturday evening statement from the sheriff's office, Shields poured gasoline in the church’s foyer and ignited it, after crashing his minivan through the parish's front door.
Catholic News Agency
The Pope’s comments followed the publication of articles in the Orthodox Christian media asking why the Vatican had not commented on the decision.
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Sunday Guide
Sister Mary Madeline Todd
User’s Guide to Sunday, July 12
In Person
Victor Gaetan
Father Tomas Halik on how Soviet-occupied Czechoslovakia’s Catholic Church survived and came out stronger.
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BOOK PICK: From the Underground Church to Freedom
K.V. Turley
Convert-writer feels no need to hide his faith from his readers.
Alyssa Murphy
Father John Killackey came to the aid of several stranded on the road after a tragic six-car pileup in Lebanon, Pennsylvania.
Catholic News Agency
The federal loan program is a $669-billion initiative that allows entities to obtain low-interest loans that can be forgiven if the money goes mostly to cover payroll expenses, and to keep people employed who are in danger of losing their jobs.
Catholic News Agency
Gregory Slavonic, acting assistant secretary of defense for Manpower and Reserve Affairs, said on Wednesday that Navy orders should not “restrict attendance at places of worship where attendees are able to appropriately apply COVID-19 transmission mitigation measures, specifically social distancing and use of face covering.“
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While unable to attend Msgr. Georg Ratzinger’s funeral in Regensburg, the pope emertius, Benedict XVI, expressed gratitude for the time he spent with his older brother during his trip to Bavaria less than two weeks before his death.
Helen Alvaré
COMMENTARY: The opinion in the Little Sisters of the Poor v. Pennsylvania is more about administrative procedure than about the substance of religious freedom. The opinion in Our Lady of Guadalupe School v. Morrissey-Berru, however, goes straight to the heart of the religious freedom of religious institutions.
Jeanne Allen
COMMENTARY: U.S. Supreme Court paves the way for parental choice for their children’s education.