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Hannah Brockhaus/CNA
A video uploaded to YouTube on Oct. 21 shows two men taking several wooden figures of a nude pregnant woman from a church near the Vatican.
Catholic News Agency
The Saturday Stations of the Cross were attended by people indigenous to the Amazon region and their supporters.
Hannah Brockhaus/CNA
Jesus Christ desires that all people know him and his love, Pope Francis said Oct. 20.
Hannah Brockhaus/CNA
A confidential report from the Vatican’s anti-corruption authority shows that the Secretariat of State has used about $725 million, most of which came from the pope’s charity fund, in off-books operations.
Sunday Guide
Claire Dwyer
User’s Guide to Sunday, Oct. 20
John M. Grondelski
COMMENTARY: The young priest’s contribution to the peaceful demolition of the Iron Curtain was critical.
Edward Pentin
However, little clarity was provided about the reasons for such funding from the pro-abortion foundation, and its significance was downplayed by synod representatives.
The Editors
EDITORIAL: This attempted imposition of contentious and discredited Church concepts on the Amazon by Europeans and North Americans is nothing less than theological colonialism.
In Person
Doug Keck/EWTN
Cardinal discusses the gift of priestly celibacy in his new book.
Edward Pentin
A former victim of a syncretistic religious ceremony in Brazil warns, “The Church must be very clear about the occult influences that form the basis of many of these native practices.”
Patty Knap
Love and Mercy: Faustina dramatizes key moments in St. Faustina’s life and the difficulties and triumphs that accompanied the spread of the message following her death in 1938.
Fr. Roger Landry
COMMENTARY: The former Oxford don, who will be canonized with four other saints Oct. 13, is not as well-known to the Catholic masses as he should be.
Patti Armstrong
Catholic couples return to the faith sacramentally.
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